Ride-on trowel  for larger surfaces, intended for levelling and troweling of freshly laid concrete floors

All of our machines are versatile and easy to operate. Designed for heavy-duty and with high reliability. This means low running and maintenance costs.

  • Easy-to-drive, smooth and well-balanced trowel for optimal processing of concrete
  • High maximum work RPM gives an effective and quick processing time of the fresh concrete
  • Equipped with Honda’s reliable and environmentally friendly petrol engine GX690.
  • Due to the high driving position, the operator has a good overview of the work throughout the process and the work shift
  • The oversized chassis frame effectively protects the rotary work tool from severe shocks and unwanted damage to the equipment
  • Four LED headlights effectively cover all angles and provide excellent light around the entire machine
  • Double water sprinklers are used if the concrete dry quick.
  • Equipped with Swepac’s unique blade locking system. The same system is used for the other trowels. No tools required for replacement, only 1 pin per blade axis, which you can easily detach without any tools.
  • Designed to facilitate accessibility to vital service points. This means that the machine owner is encouraged to take care of the important maintenance and service work
  • An optional strong and easy-to-use transport device is available.