Tilting tables

Tilting tables are the ideal solution for manufacturing flat elements as slabs, solid walls and multi-layer panels with passive reinforcement and limited thickness. The system is very flexible, allowing to manufacture elements of various thicknesses, widths and lengths. These installations are manufactured according to each customer’s specific requirements. The tables can have up to 20 mt. length, max 5.000 mm. width and max 1.100 kg/sq.mt. load bearing capacity. It is possible to equip these side and longitudinal formwork systems with:
  • hydraulic tilting system, variable in height;
  • hydraulic handling system, movable in width;
  • lower/upper rubber-steel gaskets;
  • special design mouldings;
  • handling management by remote control.
It is possible to integrate this system with:
  • concrete compaction system with pneumatic vibrating installation;
  • concrete compaction system by electric, high-frequency radio controlled vibrating installation;
  • accelerated concrete curing system by using steam, water, oil or electricity. Electronic management of curing cycles;
  • special casting mouldings with magnetic fixing system;
OLMET ITALY equipment is manufactured from high quality casting side plates of 10 mm. thickness, designed for lasting and guaranteed to manufacture elements having low tolerance of dimensional variations. The tables are tilted by max. 80° in order to ease demoulding of the elements, by means of a hydraulic system with synchronized telescopic cylinders. It is possible to link more tables using a “joining piece”, thus creating a continuous casting surface up to a maximum length of 60 mt. It is possible to implement the automation of the installation by adding auxiliary machines and equipment such as:
  • cleaning / oiling machine;
  • plotter;
  • concrete distributor;
  • smoothing / trowel machine.