Double drum vibratory roller

For compaction of soil and asphalt

All our machine models are versatile and easy to operate. They are also durable and reliable meaning lower operating and maintenance costs.
• The Swepac RDH 760 is an easy to maneuver hand-guided double drum roller for soil and asphalt applications. It complements our range of vibratory plates and is suitable for pavements, bicycle paths, yards and playgrounds.
• The roller is easy to start and is available with mechanical or electric start. It has a reliable Hatz diesel engine with a fully hydraulic system with built-in cooler for optimal productivity. The hydraulic system is well protected under the water tank. A mechanical parking brake ensures safe parking.
• For safety reasons it has a deadman’s push-stop and the levers for speed, direction and vibration are ergonomically placed in the handle.
• The dual drums are smooth with no sharp edges on the corners to prevent marks in asphalt or soil. Efficient scrapers on both drums keep them clean from sticking asphalt.
• The RDH 760 has a large 65 liter water tank made of strong plastic material. The tank is easy to remove whenever it´s not needed.
• The machine is easy to use and has a minimum of overhang offering free space from obstacle and walls, convenient in confined spaces such as yards and drive ways.
• Service and maintenance is simplified by a foldable protection frame which gives free space to vital components.
• The Swepac RDH 760 is easy to transport with a strong lifting device in the middle of the roller.