PGT Type Combined Machines

PGT 32/25 Single Phase – Maximum diameter cut Ø20 mm., maximum diameter bent Ø24 mm.

One of the best sellers of the Seim brand, the PGT-type combined machines are construction site machines by definition. By combining the cutting and bending function, the customer can optimize his investment to the maximum.

Thanks to the special dedicated accessories for spirals and stirrups, available on request, the combined Seim Pgt can become 4-in-1 machines.

Standard Equipment Recommended Accessories
Mandrels Ø: n.2x 48 – n.1x 55 – n.1x 69 – n.1x 100 Central Pins Ø: 20 – 24 – 32 – 40
Pins Ø: n.3x 36 Stirrup Equipment
1 Bending square for small diameters + Hexagon Rod + Latches
3 Reverse pegs Spiral Equipment
1 Pedal Roller Bench
1 Set of keys Panel 9×9
1 Electrical outlet
4 Wheels


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