Concrete Cold Patch

Crafco is a leading name in the paving industry and we’re proud to offer their premium HP Concrete Cold Patch for asphalt repairs.

Whether it’s repairing utility cuts or patching potholes, HP Concrete Cold Patch is rapidly becoming the material of choice. When cut-out and concrete trucks aren’t readily available or a quick fix is needed, the HP Concrete Cold Patch is a fantastic alternative to repair an area of concrete and does a much better job compared to the competition.

The HP Concrete Cold Patch is a Ready-to-Use product with no water or mixing required.  Simply cut open the bag, pour and tamp.  It’s the perfect cement repair product to keep around on the truck for those quick repair jobs making it the perfect product for city maintenance crews or paving contractors with jobs that don’t require concrete cut-out and replace.

Crafco HP Concrete Cold Patch is a unique, gray colored, cold applied, single component patching material. Use HP to repair potholes, spalls, cracks and other confined voids and distresses over one inch wide (2.5 cm) and greater than 1/2 inch (1 cm) deep in Portland cement concrete. It can be used to repair roads, highways, streets, airport pavements, parking lots, bridge and parking decks, sidewalks, walkways and floors. Unlike most other concrete patching materials, no mixing, heating or special installation equipment is required.

Sold as a single 50lb bag


  • One-person operation makes it a cost effective application
  • Comes ready to use in a pre-mixed bag
  • Gray in color
  • No mixing, mechanical compaction, or tacking
  • No messy clean up
  • Works in hot and cold weather conditions
  • Adheres to both concrete and asphalt