Accessories for Hoist

A. Scaffold attachment for hoist

For better distribution of the stress on the scaffold caused by using the hoist. Equipped with plate for locking the work positioning lever.

B. Internal adjustable prop (2.45m to 3.3m)

For using the hoists indoor or where there are no external scaffolding structures; height adjustable from a min. of 2.45m to a max. of 3.3m.

C. Window prop

Useful at construction sites or for refurbishment jobs with little work space. Easy and quick installation without using assembly tools.

D. External prop for hoists with max. capacity 200kg

To install hoists outdoors without overhanging support points; consisting of an internal adjustable prop and conversion kit with ballast container. Ballast container dimensions: P460Xl2500XH415mm

Handle for Hoist

Useful for transporting the elevator on the construction site. Suitable for the TR-ET-ES-ETR series.

E. E1-E2 Gantries with capacity 300kg (E1) and 500kg (E2)

Suitable for all IMER hoists, except for RIO 100, Airone 200N and Airone 300N

E3 Gantry with capacity 1,000kg


E4 Transformation kit for 500kg gantry to 1000kg gantry


F. Swivelling extensions

-For prop clamp attachment with work positioning level for Rio 100 (F1)

– For prop hoist attachment with work positioning level (F2)

For lifting bulky material with fixed bracket hoists, allowing the loading distance to be increased 360mm; for increasing the loading distance with extendible bracket hoists up to 1,480mm, with carrying capacity reduced to 150kg.

G. Hoist trolley

H. H1. Two-bracket carrier / H2. Four-bracket carrier

I. Three-way scaffold frame lifting hook

L. Wedge-shaped bucket 45/90/120litres

M. Scaffold clamps